Esense is a brand of the company Indes Healthcare, a renowned development and production company from the Netherlands.

Indes Healthcare creates products people rely on. We have over 30 years of experience in development and production of products for the healthcare market. By gaining full insight in user needs, we develop products that improve daily living quality.

Our work process is certified to ISO 13485, the international quality standard for development, manufacturing and service of Medical Devices. Through our offices in Enschede, The Netherlands and Ningbo, China, we work with a carefully selected network of preferred suppliers. All esense products are assembled and checked in the Netherlands. For distribution we join forces with various market partners.

Indes Healthcare in short

  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Founded in 1987
  • Development & production
  • 60+ employees
  • 5.000.000+ satisfied users


Our development team combines expertise in mechanical, electronics and software engineering. To stay ahead we continue to invest in product innovation. By introducing smart sensoring and internet of things solutions we bring service and quality to higher levels.

Our engineers are available to assist in integration of esense on any heavy product on wheels! Indes Healthcare offers support in meeting all product requirements, including the Machinery, Medical Device and EMC directives.

Esense patient lifts are available through a network of selected dealers. Esense built-in systems are already available as integrated option on a variety of mobile products, ranging from facility trolleys to hospital beds.

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