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name & address change

Esense is a brand of the company Indes; therefore we would like to inform you about two important changes in our company:

  • Change of company name from Indes Production Management B.V. to Indes Healthcare B.V.
  • Change of address to Josink Esweg 1 in Enschede


Name change

The reason for this name change is that Indes is focusing on Healthcare products (such as esense patient lifts, esense drive support, power support for wheelchairs, etc.). The new name Indes Healthcare B.V. better clarifies this specialization and reflects our ongoing commitment to the Healthcare sector.

Address change

The relocation to the Josink Esweg 1 te Enschede is a strategic decision, consolidating both production and office spaces into a larger facility, allowing room for future growth. In October 2023, our production facility has already moved to the new location, and over the upcoming months, all office departments will follow. The current office address at Colosseum 20 in Enschede will continue to be in use as a branch office for several months.

Changes per February 1st, 2024

It is a deliberate decision to implement these two changes on the same date: February 1st 2024, for efficient processing in your administration. We kindly request you to update both the name change and the address change in your systems and communicate this to the relevant individuals and/or departments within your company.

Indes Healthcare B.V.
Josink Esweg 1
7545 PN Enschede
The Netherlands


We understand that changes like these may raise questions, and we want to assure you that we are making every effort to ensure a smooth transition. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact your usual contact person.

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