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Givas is an Italian company that produces and supplies equipment for hospitals, clinics and rest homes. Product lines of Givas that are equipped with esense technology are the VEGA e-drive bed and the SLIM e-drive stretcher.

Givas implemented the esense Working Healthy approach. From the existing situation, they worked towards a healthy work situation in 3 steps. This case study provides insight into these 3 steps.

Implementation of the Working Healthy approach

Transport of patients on trolleys is a daily practice, especially in emergency wards. It turns out to be the main cause of serious risk on injuries for healthcare professionals, who have to carry out unnatural movements repeatedly, sometimes uphill as well. With the growing numbers of obese patients and elderly people in Italy, who require more assistance in daily living activities, Givas recognized that the job for healthcare professionals becomes even more difficult. Because of this situation, Givas decided to actually do something about this situation in Italy.

The new Slim Stretchers and Vega beds with e-drive system have been specifically designed to be used by just one operator. Force sensors are integrated in the handles and they feel the natural push force of the healthcare professional and translate this into a smooth electric drive support. Forward, backwards and lateral movements have become much easier and requires less force. The intuitive control makes life of Italian healthcare professionals much easier and healthier.

Healthcare professionals who have had the chance to use the new Vega beds and Slim stretchers experience clear advantages in their daily work practice. There is a short learning curve: “Manoeuvring a bed has never been so simple, work becomes a lot easier – and more fun”.


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Check out this video about the Givas VEGA e-drive bed.

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"...rewarded for making only a small physical effort."

“The more gentle you control the lift, the easier it moves. You are rewarded for making only a small physical effort.”

Bart Brinkhuis

Bart Brinkhuis

Ergonomics coach, Liberein

“…control the lift with just a finger!”

“The days we needed our full body weight to move the patient are history. Now we control the lift with just a finger.”

Joanne Pauelsen

Joanne Pauelsen

Healthcare worker, Liberein

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