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Connect to any esense product with PowerTalk.

PowerTalk is our smart, user-friendly Windows app. It connects to any esense product via USB. Various types of users can use PowerTalk with different functionality.

PowerTalk as a service tool
For end users a license is available that provides the option to do software updates and read and send system performance data to a service desk. A version for service engineers includes basic settings and display of the system history. The most advanced version, for trained service engineers, features extensive settings to tune your esense system.

PowerTalk processes relevant system data and can be used for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. System settings can be optimised and provides problem analysis; therefore, gives a clear insight for service technicians. This enables optimal usage, minimal downtime and a low service cost.

PowerTalk as an ergonomic tool
PowerTalk also gathers user and performance data, such as the number of transfers performed and the quantity of transfers that exceeded health and safety guidelines. Data can be monitored on a regular basis in the healthcare team, contributing to a healthy working organisation.





Automated fault indication saves on troubleshooting time and costs.

Esense products are advanced technical products. Despite all effort we put in making them as stable and robust as possible, like bicycles or cars, they may need some service during their lifetime due to wear, misuse or incidental system faults.

Repairwork never comes at a good moment. But it makes a huge difference when it can be done fast and efficiently. The smart software in esense systems is able to recognize most system faults. With use of PowerTalk and our step by step troubleshoot guides faults can be pinpointed, even remotely, and are solved quickly.

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