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Service software

Connect to any esense product with PowerTalk.

Powertalk is our smart Windows app. It connects to any esense product via USB. Various types of users can use Powertalk with different functionality. For end users a license is available that provides the option to do software updates and read and send system performance data to a service desk. A version for service engineers includes basic settings and display of the system history. The most advanced version, for trained service engineers, features extensive settings to tune your esense system.


Automated fault indication saves on troubleshooting time and costs.

Esense products are advanced technical products. Despite all effort we put in making them as stable and robust as possible, like bicycles or cars, they may need some service during their lifetime due to wear, misuse or incidental system faults.

Repairwork never comes at a good moment. But it makes a huge difference when it can be done fast and efficiently. The smart software in esense systems is able to recognize most system faults. With use of PowerTalk and our step by step troubleshoot guides faults can be pinpointed, even remotely, and are solved quickly.

PowerTalk advantages

  • Do software updates
  • Check usage data
  • Display values
  • Change settings
  • Analyse system history

Backed by experience

Esense is a product by Indes, a renowned development and production company from the Netherlands.

Indes creates products people rely on. We have over 30 years of experience in development and production of products for the Cure and Care market.
By gaining full insight in user needs we develop products that improve daily living quality.

Our work process is certified to ISO 13485, the international quality standard for development, manufacturing and service of Medical Devices. Through our offices in Enschede, The Netherlands and Ningbo, China, we work with a carefully selected network of preferred suppliers. All esense products are assembled and checked in the Netherlands. For distribution we join forces with various market partners.

Our development team combines expertise in mechanical, electronics and software engineering. To stay ahead we continue to invest in product innovation. By introducing smart sensoring and internet of things solutions we bring service and quality to higher levels.

Our engineers are available to assist in integration of esense on any heavy product on wheels! Indes offers support in meeting all product requirements, including the Machinery, Medical Device and EMC directives.

Esense patient lifts are available through a network of selected dealers. Esense built-in systems are already available as integrated option on a variety of mobile products, ranging from facility trolleys to hospital beds.

Check the dealer overview page to find your nearest dealer. Interested to integrate esense on your own commercial serial product? Contact us directly!

Indes in short

  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Founded in 1987
  • Development & production
  • 60+ employees
  • 5.000.000+ satisfied users

This information is intended for esense dealers and integrators. If you are an esense end user, please contact your dealer first.

Service calls

Dealers and integrators are kindly requested to notify Indes about relevant service cases. Use our service form to communicate all relevant information.  We hold tight record of service performance and use this information for post market surveillance and initiation of periodical product improvements. Filling the service form is obligatory when components are returned for warranty or repair.
Please send completed service forms to, shortly after each service visit. You will receive a return merchandise authorization (RMA) in case you are claiming repairs and warranty.


Indes grants warranty on component defects which appear within a period of 2 years after invoice date. Normal wear and tear and misuse are excluded.  Warranty is valid on components only and not on any additional costs, like labour or shipment. Only complete components or spare parts, as listed in product (spare) parts overviews are applicable for warranty. Indes only takes warranty claims from esense dealers. If you are an end user of an esense product, please contact your dealer.

Please send completed service forms to, shortly after each service visit. Only complete components or spare parts, as listed in product (spare) parts overviews are applicable for warranty.

Service forms

Esense patient lifts and built-in systems are available through our dealer network. Come back soon to find your nearest dealer.

No time to wait? Contact us directly!

esense patient lifts

Full documentation for inspection and service of esense patient lifts can be downloaded here*. Please contact us for a password.

* User guides are also freely available under “downloads” on the product page of the patient lift.

esense built-in systems

Full documentation for integration and service of esense built-in systems can be downloaded here. Please contact us for a password.

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