Are you at risk for physical overload?
Find out in a minute.

How many times a day do you start to move a heavy mobile product?

Each time you start to move again from standstill adds to the total. Pay attention to the number of starts and stops in front of  a room or when going in and out of an elevator. Also the number of times that you have to change drive direction when maneuvering in small spaces is counted as a start.

What is the weight of the product you move?

When the product is used for patient transport or transport of goods, also add the weight of the patient or the goods.

How often do you find doorsteps, ramps or uneven or soft surfaces on your route?

How often do you twist or bend your upper body while moving the product?

Bad posture often results from situations where precise movements have to be made or while maneuvering in small spaces.

Please consider reducing
your workload

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How heavy is your work?
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To measure is to know! Measurements with the ergometer objectively pinpoint the health risks in daily tasks.

Dr. Ir. Juliet HaarmanResearcher at University of Twente