Line | Passive lift

The column lift with large range.

The Line and Line+ are passive column lifts. Due to the linear, fully vertical, lifting movement of the column, the patient can be positioned very accurately. Both lifts come standard with a 4-point electric hanger bar to move the patient comfortably from sitting to lying position and back. The dimensions of the Line+, with a large arm length and a low base frame, guarantee patients are always placed sufficiently far on a bed or in a wheelchair. Design of the Line is more compact. That makes the lift most suitable for use in small spaces. The patented esense drive system makes it possible to move the lift with minimal force in any direction.

Force sensors in the handlebar feel how the lift is pushed and translate this to the right direction and speed of the electric wheel under the lift. The low operating forces prevent physical complaints caused by pushing and pulling. The intuitive control guarantees a minimal learning time. Both the Line and Line+ are equipped with an integrated NiMH battery with charger. The very large capacity of the battery ensures that the lift is always ready for use.

Mobility class

A = Independent
B = Active
C = Limited active
D = Passive
E = Fully dependent

Key benefits

  • Fast vertical movement
  • Available with weigh system
  • Powerful battery
  • Electric drive system
  • Elegant design
Available with weigh system
4-point electric hanger bar
Pushbar with force sensors
Fast vertical movement
Powerful and durable battery
Low base frame
Electric drive system



Weight capacity
150 kg
175 kg
Length of base
100 cm
120 cm
Height of base
11,5 cm
11,5 cm
Maximum width with closed legs
68 cm
74 cm
Maximum internal width with open legs
103 cm
127 cm
Vertical range
130 cm
130 cm
Horizontal reach
55 cm
72 cm
Protection grade
Battery type
Battery voltage and capacity*
24V 9Ah
24V 9Ah
Average number of transfers on a full battery**
Guaranteed battery lifetime in charge cycles
500 x
500 x
* The Line and Line+ are also available without esense drive system. These versions are equipped with a lower capacity battery.
** Calculation available upon request.

“Its small footprint make the Line the ideal lift for use in small spaces.”

“The long arm of the Line+ provides optimal space for the patient.”

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The more gentle you control the lift, the easier it moves. You are rewarded for making only a small physical effort.

Bart BrinkhuisErgocoach and personal attendant, Liberein

The days we needed our full body weight to move the patient are history. Now we control the lift with just a finger!

Joanne PauelsenPersonal attendant, Liberein