Esense | Built-in systems

Add electric drive support to any mobile product.

Esense is an accessory for heavy mobile care products. It offers intuitive electric drive support for forwards, backwards and sideways driving.

Esense systems are available with two different drives; Fixed or 360. The Fixed version provides electric drive support in forwards and backwards direction. The 360 version adds sideways drive to this, making it most suitable for situations where maneuvering in small spaces is required. Esense Fixed and 360 systems are available in three variations from basic to complete.

Esense Basic

The most cost effective configurations. Suitable for integration inside mobile products during production. These configurations include a Driveunit, controller box, user interface, sensor handles and interconnecting cables. The system is to be powered by the trolleys own 24V or 36V battery.

Esense Power

Equal functionality to Esense Basic, but including a 24V 9Ah battery and waterproof charger. Suitable for integration inside mobile products during production.

Esense Box

In addition to Power versions, the battery and controller box of Box configurations are housed in a water resistant enclosure. These systems are well suited for installation on the outside of mobile products, including products already in use.

Esense systems can be monitored and tuned to custom performance with PowerTalk service software.  Add accessory parts to further enhance your esense system. Available parts include a wheel lift mechanism, a disconnectable charger and safety switches to temporarily switch off drive functionality.

Product examples

  • Hospital beds
  • Patient stretchers
  • Bariatric care products
  • CSA trolleys
  • Food trolleys
  • Distribution trolleys
  • Patient lifts
Low built-in height
Waterproof protection
Flexible cabling
Prepared for integration on medical products
User Interface with USB connection
Force sensitive drive control
Easy installation
Durable high power battery
Use environment
Esense Driveunits are suited for indoor use only on hard (solid), dry and clean industrial surfaces.
Ambient use temperature (Systems including esense battery)
In operation -20° – 50° C / Charging 10° – 40° C
Storage temperature (Systems including esense battery)
Up to one week -20° – 60° C / Longer period -20° – 35° C
Charge time for full charge (Systems including esense battery)
4.5 h
Action radius (Systems including esense battery)
> 15 km
Drivewheel functionality when powered off
Max. assisted speed
Up to 6 km/h
Max. wheel torque continuous
15 Nm
Max. wheel torque short
> 30 Nm
Max. slope angle
Max. threshold
20 mm
Average braking distance at release of the sensor handles*
1.6 m
Average braking distance for active braking*
0.8 m
Protection rating of Sensor handles
Protection rating of Driveunit Fixed, User Interface & Enclosure
Protection rating of Driveunit 360
Power consumption Rest
< 2.5 W
Power consumption Horizontal plane, constant speed*
24 W
Power consumption Max torque
480 W max. 10 seconds / 240 W continuous
* Specifications are based on a trolley weight of 400 Kg. Brake distance is determined at a speed of 2.5 km/h.      

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The flexible configuration of esense components make them ideal for a tailor made fit.

Ir. Erik WoldringEsense product specialist