Line | Passive lift

The column lift with large range

The Line and Line+ are passive column lifts. Due to the linear, fully vertical, lifting movement of the column, the patient can be positioned very accurately.

Rise | Active lift

The most compact stand up lift on the market.

The Rise active patient lift is designed with all users in mind. Its compact base and short footplate make the lift very manoeuvrable and ensure it can be positioned comfortable close to the caretaker.

Esense | Slings

The perfect match for every esense lift.

Esense offers a wide range of slings, designed for optimal comfort, safety and ease of use.

Esense | Built-in systems

Add electric drive support to any mobile product.

Esense is available as add-on solution for heavy mobile care products. Integrated sensors ‘feel’ the natural manual force of the user.  The system transfers this to a smooth intuitive drive support.

Esense ergometer | Workload measurement

Gain insight in your work circumstances.

The esense ergometer registrates all push forces on a mobile product. An analysis report shows peak forces and their occurence and compares this to international guidelines for safe pushing and pulling. With clear results at hand intervenience in work methods has never been more effective.