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Safe and comfortable for caretaker ánd caregiver.

The esense brand offers a wide range of slings. These slings are designed for optimal comfort and safety for the caretaker and ease of use for the caregiver.

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Ramon Jannink

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Visual clip

A secure connection between the sling and the patient lift is crucial to ensure safe lifting. Clear feedback on whether the sling is properly attached and secured is important for all users.

Therefore, the Visual Clip is the answer. This Visual Clip is provided with small surfaces that change color whenever the sling is connected (and disconnected). When the connection between sling and lift is secure, the colored surfaces change from red to green. This green color is identifiable and clearly visible for both caregiver and patient.


The Seamless sling is unique in its kind, developed to provide maximal safety and optimal comfort. This sling is made from flexible, elastic fabrics and in its clever one-piece design all unnecessary seams are eliminated.

Seamless slings are made from smart technological fabrics, specifically designed for use in slings. The patented fabrics regulate temperature, ensure that surface tension is easily released and forces are more evenly distributed over the slings surface.

All in all, the Seamless sling provides a high level of comfort and is the go-to sling when it comes to the prevention of decubitus.




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"...rewarded for making only a small physical effort."

“The more gentle you control the lift, the easier it moves. You are rewarded for making only a small physical effort.”

Bart Brinkhuis

Bart Brinkhuis

Ergonomics coach, Liberein

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