Physical strain in healthcare

Physical strain is very common in healthcare. For example, transferring beds, patient hoists, trolleys or other equipment is physically demanding. Certainly a major cause of complaints in the back, neck, knees, wrists and shoulders of healthcare workers is manoeuvring, pulling and pushing heavy mobile devices. In order to prevent physical overload in the healthcare sector, health and safety guidelines regarding working conditions have been drawn up.

Approximately one third of absence in the health care sector is related to physical overload. Moving patients and equipment is one of the sources of such overload. Multiple studies show the relationship between the high forces needed to move loads manually and the development of musculoskeletal disorders, such as back, neck, and shoulder complaints.

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Reducing physical overload in healthcare
Esense helps healthcare professionals work in a safe environment and contributes to a better work-health balance. The esense product range provides solutions for a long, healthy and happy career, by preventing physical overload while moving patients and equipment.

The esense healthy working approach can help you detect physically demanding situations, improve and measure them objectively. This way you can teach yourself and your colleagues, with clear and demonstrable feedback, to work responsibly within health and safety guidelines. This way, healthcare professionals can carry out their role in a healthy and responsible way.

Are you interested in taking this step within your organisation? Esense is not just an electric drive support system, it also serves as reassurance that you and your co-workers are operating within health and safety guidelines. This is how we create a healthy working environment in the healthcare sector.

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