How does esense intuitive drive support work?

Intuitive drive support. Move heavy loads easily.

Esense is the ideal solution to move heavy mobile care products. The smart system includes an electric drive wheel and force sensitive sensors. The sensors feel the natural push force of the user, and convert this into a smooth, intuitive drive support. The high forces required for manoeuvring products like beds, patient lifts, medical equipment and trolleys are eliminated. It can be compared with an electrical bike; the more power you use, the more support it gives.

The intuitive drive support makes it possible to move these products in a natural and easy way, regardless whether the routes are long, over thresholds and slopes or while manoeuvring in small spaces. Heavy products are moved around as if they only weigh a couple of kilograms.

The esense intuitive drive support is available as integrated system on esense patient lifts and as built-in system for integration on a wide range of products, like facility trolleys, hospital beds, stretchers and medical equipment.

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“…control the lift with just a finger!”

“The days we needed our full body weight to move the patient are history. Now we control the lift with just a finger.”

Joanne Pauelsen

Joanne Pauelsen

Healthcare worker, Liberein

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