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It is important that healthcare professionals enjoy their work, and are able to focus on the patient, without the risk of physical strain. Esense wants to make working in the healthcare sector healthier and more satisfying, and therefore offers a solution: the esense healthy working approach.

In order to prevent physical overload in the healthcare sector, health and safety guidelines regarding working conditions have been drawn up. These state that employees may not apply more than 20 kg of force when pushing or pulling by hand. How do you check whether these guidelines are being properly followed? How do you know how much force is actually exerted? Or if a work situation is simply too demanding?

esense healthy working approach

Esense is committed to creating healthy work situations. From the existing situation we work towards a healthy situation in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Analyse the current work situation
  • Step 2: Improve the situation to reduce physical overload
  • Step 3: Evaluate if the working situation is healthy


Step 1 – Analyse

The current work situation will be measured by using the esense Ergometer. This tool measures the pushing and pulling forces exerted while moving mobile equipment (applicable on e.g. patient lifts, beds or other heavy mobile products). The situation analysis also includes attributes such as the lay-out of the space and the way users interact with the product.

Step 2 – Improve

This analysis shows whether health and safety guidelines are being followed. If this is not the caese, targeted action is recommended. The second step involves improving any work situation in which too much force is exerted: for example by optimising the use of a product (improving driving behavior), rearranging the space, extra training in product use. Provided that measures like these are not an option or insufficient, the solution must be found in adjusting the product. In that case esense drive support is an effective solution.

Step 3 – Evaluate

We offer more than just electric drive support to guarantee a healthy working environment. Esense products are equipped with extra functionality, which are practical and helpful ergonomic tools. For example, the Ergo-feedback function alerts the user via LEDs on the hand control when too much force is being used to move a product. The live feedback helps users to work within the ergonomic guidelines and thus contributes directly to prevent physical overload. Besides this, the service software PowerTalk can give insights about the physical overload and usage of the products.

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The esense healthy working approach can help you detecting physically demanding situations and measure them objectively. This way you can teach yourself and your colleagues with clear and demonstrable feedback to work responsibly within safety guidelines. This way, healthcare workers can continue their work in a healthy and responsible way.

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“The days we needed our full body weight to move the patient are history. Now we control the lift with just a finger.”

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