Ergomeasurement | Assess physical workload

Measure push and pull forces in everyday work situations.

Approximately one third of absence in the health care sector is related to physical overload. This has a major impact on the care process and the work pleasure of caregivers. The guidelines in the ISO/TR 12296 report provide clear guidelines for manual patient handling, but determining compliance in daily practice is not easy.

Therefore the esense Ergometer was developed. This instrument measures how much force is used to move heavy mobile equipment, for example a patient lift, shower chair or facility trolley. The Ergometer is clamped directly onto the pushbar/handles of the testproduct and measures all push and pull forces that are used to move the product.

The Ergometer makes is possible to carry out measurements in everyday work situations without disturbing the work itself. During a measurement session the practical situation is accurately simulated. The only real difference is that a user uses the handles of the Ergometer where he would normally use the original pushbar on the product. This way the results of an Ergomeasurement provide a representative picture of the physical load during daily work with the testproduct.

Key benefits

  • Objective measuring device
  • Compatible with various products
  • Individual user codes
  • Results in measurement report
Two handles attached to omnidirectional force sensors
Set of clamps to mount the Ergometer on various mobile products
User Interface with user selection
Feedback function with live display of (peak)forces
SD card for storing measurement data
* The use instruction for the Ergometer (including how to perform measurements) can be downloaded here. Please contact us for a password.
Test information and contact details
Maximum peak force
Overview of measurement results
Individual user results
Risk assessment and general conclusion

How healthy is your work? To measure is to know! Assess your work situation with the esense Ergometer.