Frequently asked questions about esense


What is the maximum carrying capacity of esense?

The optimal trolley weight is 400 - 500 kg.

Can esense be used outside?

No, esense can only be used indoor (yet).

How long does a fully charged battery last?

Esense can drive about 15 km on a full battery.

What is the maximum speed of esense?

The system can assist walking speed up to 6 km/h.

Can esense be used on steep slopes?

Yes, esense provides support on slopes with a maximum angle of 6° (10%).

What is the braking distance of esense?

The average automatic braking distance of esense is 1.6 m. The average manual braking distance is 0.8 m.

Is esense suitable in any climate?

Yes, the system works well at temperatures between -5°C and 50°C

What are the technical qualities of the battery?

The nominal voltage input range is 24-36 V DC, the battery pack works on a voltage of 24 V 9 Ah NiMh.

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