touch esense 

Previously applied esense systems on 
a wide range of products.


iMoc Baroc

The Baroc is a mobile operating table in the form of a chair that has been developed for, in particular, obese patients. Indes was responsible for the design of the chair in which ergonomics was obviously an important issue. With the use of the Baroc the logistics process within a hospital is optimized, which improves efficiency, saves time and reduces the number of staff required. Furthermore, Baroc offers job health and safety technical advantages, such as improved ergonomics and reduced load on employees.

The load of the Baroc together with a patient can exceed the 350KG; moving and manoeuvering would be impossible. Therefore, the Baroc contains an integrated Indes Power Assist solution, esense, which makes the handling of the Baroc easy and precise.


Food trolleys

temp-rite International, market leader in food distribution, uses esense to move several types of trolleys for the distribution of meals and beverages. Indes esense supports movement in every direction. The accurate steering and controlling during acceleration, transport and speed reduction, without the use of any buttons or handles, causes a natural intuitive riding experience where the user is always in control.

level up assist

Patient hoists

The new series of patient hoists by level up assist consists of three basic types of hoists. Unique to the series is that all hoists can be easily extended with Indes esense. Here the esense kit has been integrated with a rotatable 360 drive unit  with power- and direction-sensitive sensors in the push bar. This makes it possible to move and to manoeuver heavy hoists with minimal force. To ‘drive’ the hoist works the same way as a hoist without esense power assist. 

By pushing or pulling the push bar, support will be given in forward and backward direction. By pushing against the side of the push bar, the drive wheel will turn sideways and the hoist can be easily driven. 


Hospital beds

Indes keeps developing the esense kit on (heavy) wheeled objects in the Human Care and Medical Cure. By doing this Indes can act quickly on advise and integration of esense on your products. 

A hospital bed is one of the concepts where Indes is working on. There are great opportunities to improve the transport of hospital beds and safes costs by higher logistic efficiency, better health and safety and more job satisfaction.