A flexible electric powered platform.
Created by Indes.

Created by Indes

A cornerstone of our business is the development of Power Assist Technology. This flexible electric powered platform powers a range of products, offering auxiliary support to for example wheelchair users, patient hoists and e-bike kits. It is our mission to develop products that meet all important user criteria of today and tomorrow. For more information: Indes.eu

Full service

Our development team combines expertise in mechanical, electronics and software engineering. esense components, with already proven technology, can be directly applied. When required, new components are developed or components and software are optimized for best integration into your specific product. Indes offers support in meeting all product requirements, including the Machinery, Medical Device and EMC directives.

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esense is a brand by Indes. Designed and assembled in The Netherlands. Would you like to know what we can do for you or like to have more information? Contact us. We’re available during business hours via +31(0)53 – 4803920 or via info@esense-moves.com

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