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Improving ergonomics with smooth and intuitive drive support

Integrated sensors ‘feel’ the natural manual force of the user.  The system transfers this to a smooth intuitive drive support. esense is an add-on solution for heavy mobile care products. 

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Moving easy with esense

Some examples of products that have esense applied are beds and stretchers for patient transport, heavy medical equipment, patient lifts and facility trolleys. esense makes it possible to move these products in a natural way for the user, regardless whether the routes are long, on carpet, over thresholds, on slopes or while maneuvering in small spaces. Heavy products are moved around as if they only weigh a couple of kilograms.

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Workplace health and safety

Maneuvering of mobile care products is generally considered as heavy and laborious. Working with these products on a daily basis often leads to complaints to neck, back, shoulders and wrists. esense eliminates the high forces required for maneuvering heavy mobile products and plays an active role in prevention of physical harm. 

Studies on patient lifts with esense show great appreciation for its functionality. Participants using esense report less physical complaints. Tasks that were previously done by two persons could be done alone with the help of esense. A long term effect on illness prevention is expected. Investment in esense pays back in staff satisfaction, efficiency and reduction of absence!

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